Friday, May 22, 2020

Ordering Soap

If you want to mail order any soaps I’ve started using Priority Mail Regional Rate for shipping.  The rate is based on shipping zones (my address to your address).  It’s more economical.  I do have some $3.00 seconds/on sale/clearance soaps and $1.00 soap slices.  You would need to email me about what’s available of the seconds/on sale/clearance and soap slices at the time of inquiry.
There are 2 sizes of Regional Rate Boxes.  Box A holds up to 30 soaps and Box B holds up to 45 soaps.  Within all of Mendocino County Box A shipping is $7.68 and Box B is $8.07.  For other zipcodes outside of Mendocino county you need to email me to get the rates.
Per numerous requests Dancing Madrone Soap now offers payment through PayPal.  Email your order choices and include your  mailing address.  Then an invoice will be sent and you would pay it through PayPal.  The option to pay by Check is always available too.
Kathy @ Dancing Madrone Soap