Sunday, May 3, 2015

2015 Summer Craft Fair Schedule

Hi Everyone!
Another year of craft fairs coming up.  Dancing Madrone Soap Company will be at 2 fairs on the coast this year.  Both will be in the town of Mendocino (Mendocino Street Fairs at Heider Field). The first one is coming up on Saturday May 23rd (during Memorial Weekend).  A one day fair.  The other one is the last day of the Mendocino Music Festival on Saturday July 25th.  Also a one day fair.

For the May fair I'll have a very large assortment of $1.00 soap slices.  These soap slices make nice gifts to say thank you, great to give at gatherings and housewarmings and as favors and guest soaps. I will bring some serums and lotions and balms.  I'll bring some other full size soaps.  A small variety.  If you have a request for specific ones please email me so I can bring them.

I am looking forward to reconnecting for another year with any and all of you.  I value each and every one  of you. 
Sudsy Regards,

Recap of fairs
Saturday May 23rd (Memorial Weekend) One day fair.
Saturday July 25th (last day of Mendocino Music Festival) One day fair.
Both fairs run from 10AM to 4PM.