Monday, November 9, 2020

Mail Ordering Soaps and Such 9/2021


If you want to mail order any soaps I am using Priority Mail Regional Rate (best for orders within California) or Priority Mail flat rate for sending to other states. Small flat rate box that fits 3-6 soaps is $8.45 and medium flat rate box is $15.50 that fits up to 36 soaps. The regional rate is based on shipping zones (my address to your address). There are 2 sizes of Regional Rate Boxes.  Box A holds up to 30 soaps and Box B holds up to 45 soaps.  Within all of Mendocino County Box A shipping is $7.83 and Box B is $8.23.  For other zipcodes outside of Mendocino county you need to email me to get the rates.

I do have some $3.00 seconds/on sale/clearance soaps and $1.00 soap slices.  You would need to email me to find out what's available of the seconds/on sale/clearance and soap slices at the time of inquiry.

Kathy @ Dancing Madrone Soap